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The Cross-Continental Cookie Exchange

Because Sending Cookies Across Continents Is Very Fucking Cool

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The Nefarious Cross-Continental Cookie Scheme
Because Sending Cookies Across Continents Is Very Fucking Cool

(A Brief History)

Once upon a time there were two girls of indeterminable age, both of whom were very special in their unfortunate sweet (not savoury) carbohydrate addictions. Seperated, they lived alone in lives of untold misery and gluttony until one day (a day in which K9 was heroically avoiding a massive textiles project and NaNoWriMo in simulcast) a post was made advertising 'Cookies. Real ones. For ANYONE. FREE!!!'[1]
[1]. Origins. saturnial

Cookie fiends the world over rejoiced as sugary goods moved over oceans and into mail boxes before settling firmly upon said feinds' collective hips. The second wave began just days later when recievers became posters and thus the Nefarious Cross-Continental Cookie Exchange was born.


Frequently Asked Question #1. - So what exactly does universal_crumb do?

saturnial: Provide a forum for new and old friends alike to exchange cookies and correspondence in lovely brown-paper bundles.
anyotherknight: Perpetuate a continual state of insulin-induced comas while entertaining postal workers the world over.

Frequently Asked Question #2. - How do I join?

Join the community here and reply to the sign-up post with the required information.

Frequently Asked Question #3. - Are there any rules?

Well, there were none. There are now. Learn them, love them, but don't eat them.

1) A picspam of the goods must be provided (behind a cut, please and thank you) prior to every postage.
1b) When posting to the community, please identify the sender and intended recipient.
2) A quick note and/or card should follow the cookies on their merry journey - even if hastily scribbled in blood on the back of lecture notes by candlelight at two in the morning.
3) Reporting the successful receipt of packages is much appreciated. As are recipe swaps.


Less Frequently Asked Question; But Nevertheless In The Category of That Which Must Be Addressed:

Question! I am le bored, drowning in homework, and making cookies hardy enough to travel by post. What should I write on the customs declaraion if I do not want to be the laughing stock of the entire post office come coffee break?

Answer! Say you're with Univeral Crumb, hack a guess at value and be on your merry way as fast as dignity allows.


Your Snack Faeries are:
Potassium, aka anyotherknight. Specializes in chocolate chip. (Quoth K9, 'Damn good cookies too. Chocolate chip. Sweet. Sugary. Unhealthy. Ever so slightly squidgy.) Enjoys digression and Stylistic Capitalization.

K9, aka saturnial. The catalyst of this entire mess. Specializes in white chocolate macademia nut, which many members have/will (forcibly) ingest "even if you live on the wrong side of two bloody oceans!"

One or both of the ladies above will address comments, questions, and concerns at universal.crumb@gmail.com


Disclaimer: Generally exchanging mailing addresses and full names with internet-folk falls under That Which Is Not Done. However, those at the core of universal_crumb are a tight-knit group, many of whom knew each other previously or have met since meeting (online, like. You know what we mean...) We do not advise other parties to exchange personal information unless both parties are comfortable with each other and confident in one another's trustworthiness.

The owners of universal_crumb cannot accept responsibility for the quality of baked goods, or any issues resulting from personal correspondence. By joining and participating in universal_crumb you, the user, agree that you are aware of and responsible for your own actions and well-being.

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